Call Me Abstract

“Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes… ” — Arshile Gorky

Painting is a solitary art form.  Alone in the studio painters confront their inner voice and decide on how to communicate our message.  It's personal process with each artist rising to their own challenges and messages.  It’s a visual voice, but so often our audience is a literal audience.

And if the imagery is abstract it’s a new language that emphasizes the use of non-representational forms to create meaning and reality — meaning that it doesn’t necessarily represent objects in the physical environment, like the sun, trees, or people.

As an artist inspired by music, the sound track of life, I mold the sound, emotion, and response into my imagination and bring forth abstracted elements into my artworks from my own self. I have struggled with my message and abstract images, but how else would you paint sound/music? I continue to be on this journey of exploration studying music, musical instruments, and musicians and my response to that through color, movement, shape and space. 

A painting, to an abstract artist, is not bound to be a mirror to reality or a representation of something in our physical environment, in fact, it can exist on its own and be completely free to interpretation. I believe each viewer sees something different because of their life's perspective, and that’s the beauty of abstracts.